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the reference point for endurance sports, provides you with a wide range of services and products, specially designed to add value to your event and simplify its management.



Add your event on ENDU and activate the online registration system to gain visibility with over 700.000 users.


Publish competition results online in record times and enhance them with interesting stats. Check the results.


A must have for every sportsman. ENDU allows you to highlight your event exactly where people are searching for it.


An online service for the sale, management and promotion of registrations for running, cycling, triathlon, swimming, cross-country skiing and other similar sports events, both competitive and non-competitive, large and small.

The service is based on a web application that is always accessible to both the athlete and the organiser.

Take advantage of the potential of the ENDUjoin platform and increase the number of participants in your event by connecting with our community of over 600,000 endurance sports enthusiasts.



Increase the value of your event by using the potential of the ENDUpix platform.

Offer your members the experience of searching for their photos via facial recognition just a few hours after the end of the event.

A service that perfectly combines respect for the user's privacy with the technological innovation that has made ENDUpix one of the leaders on the national market.



Take your event to the highest level of engagement with our dedicated live coverage solutions. Showcase the event's locations through sport.

Update your audience on the athletes' placements in real time with live-tracking and catch the attention of fans on social media with an engaging media coverage.



ENDU Channel is the new digital channel dedicated to sportsmen and women who live their passion every day. A space that reports on cycling, running, swimming, triathlon and mountain sports and aims to become the home of endurance enthusiasts.

An opportunity to inform and promote your initiative online through quality content produced by experts in the industry.



ENDU can help you communicate with your target audience through online and offline communication campaigns. Get in touch with over 400,000 athletes through newsletters and DEM. Email marketing totally GDPR compliant.


Event materials

Our long experience managing events is a guarantee to produce event quality communication materials and promotion.

Materiali per eventi


Innovative live social printer service. Take a picture, upload it on Instagram using the event's hashtag and gift someone with a memory directly during the event.

A great way for promoting the sponsors of your event proposing a new disruptive service.