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Your benchmark for enthusiasts and professionals of endurance sports.

Applications, Calendars, Results, Groups, Reviews – discover ENDU's options for you.



Signing up for a competition has never been so easy. You can manage all of your registrations in an integrated way and from any device.


Quickly check the results of your competitions and those of your friends.
Check the results.


Thousands of competitions of your favorite sports are just one click away.
Search for your next race!


A meeting point for all enthusiasts. A chance to organize activities and exchange information on competitions, trainings and much more.
Explore groups.


Give your opinion about the last race you joined and collect a lot of useful information thanks to other athletes' feedback.

Personal profile

A personal space, dedicated to your passions, activities and records where you can see your pictures from all the competitions you have participated in.


ENDU Channel is the new digital channel dedicated to sportsmen and women who live their passion every day. A space that reports on cycling, running, swimming, triathlon and mountain sports and aims to become the home of endurance enthusiasts.

An opportunity to inform and promote your initiative online through quality content produced by experts in the industry.



The adrenaline rush as you start, the grimace of the exertion, the smile at the finish line, a medal to bite. Pictures are made to tell stories. They bring back old emotions, moments, memories.

Images available in record time on ENDU's website and free app, social media sharing, with the utmost respect for your privacy.



Make the most of your adventures and be carefree.

The app to keep track of your performance, discover routes and organize your outdoor outings in safety.



Thanks to DataHealth® service you can access a fast track when registering for a sports event as you are not required to show the paper medical certificate on the day of the event.

Verification that you are the holder of a valid medical certificate is automated and integrated within ENDU registration process.