Endu, the one-stop platform where you can register for sporting events and find the best inspiration for your sport idea.

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Whether you're a road runner seeking the thrill of the pavement, a trail runner drawn to the beauty of nature's paths, a leisurely hiker savoring the scenery, an avid cyclist exploring new routes, or a multisport enthusiast embracing the challenge of triathlon, Endu is your gateway to endless sporting adventures.

ENDU is your one-stop shop for all things sports. Whether you're seeking expert advice, training tips, or practical information to enhance your next adventure, ENDU provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your unique sporting needs.

Our mission

We aspire to be the core of your sports idea, whether you're a casual adventurer seeking thrills outdoors or a competitive athlete seeking efficient, cutting-edge services to elevate your pre-, during-, and post-competition experience.

Engagigo srl

Innovative start-up founded in June 2016 by SDAM and Juniper XS to develop ENDU an engagement and service platform for the sports market.

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Project financed with POR FESR funds - C.U.P. E97H17001020009